Easy-to-use management dashboard for all testing needs

Manage all test automation needs from a single dashboard. Run tests, analyze results and monitor app performance – accessible 24/7 on the cloud and on all mobile devices. The responsive structure enables you to use and manage the system from your smartphone or tablet.

One Script for All

Reduce the time spent on script writing by generating a unified script running on iOS and Android platforms.



Choose to receive weekly or monthly reports based on your needs. Generate detailed test execution reports showing durations for each step in test scenarios and easily share screenshots provided within the reporting module.

Rich Media Reporting

Optimize app performance with detailed rich media reports, including UI elements, device vitals, traffic analysis and more for efficient debugging and analysis.



24/7 Continuous Monitoring

Minimize the chance of error and ensure your apps are fully functional at any given time. Run determined test cases continually and get timely system alerts for the determined test scenarios in case of a bug or problem.

Mobile Browser Testing

Test your mobile websites on multiple mobile browsers including Chrome, Safari, Android default browser and more. Every test performed is run on a real browser on a real mobile device.


More Features


Two-Blank-Web-Pages.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comRobot Framework

Use the Robot framework, an open-source platform-independent framework to create well-structured test scenarios without heavy coding.

From-Grid-To-List-Interface-Symbol.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comFull-features Test Coding

Enable support for complex coding for features such as loops, conditions, timers, debugging capabilities, image and text checkpoints, data driven test development and more.

Shopping-Basket.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comReal-time testing

Observe live test results step-by-step, as soon as you start running scenarios and track which test suite passes or fails in real-time.

User-Check-Interface-Symbol.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comMultiple Device Monitoring

Monitor your app and track performance on top devices. Easily integrate your existing monitoring tools such as Jira with t-moni.

Sort-Descending.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comRegression Testing

When you add new features to your app and have regression testing needs, easily run tests on top mobile devices, speedily.

Big-Heart.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comObject Validation

Ensure accurate placement for objects such as images, text and DOM via methods like Object ID, Name, Link Text, CSS & Xpath – such as buttons, text fields and more.

Barscode-Search.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comGestures Support

View and record touch gestures performed on the device, including drags, swipes, zooms, scrolls, long key presses and more.

Share-Data-Signal.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comTest Suite Configuration

Choose from predefined test scenarios to easily plan, schedule, run and manage tests without a single line of coding.

iconsCalendar Structure

Easily track test scenarios which are set to run periodically through the calendar on the management dashboard.

Project-Manager.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comSLA Verification

Understand which third-party products are delivering against SLAs.

Location-On-A-Map.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comReady-to-use Test Scenarios Library

Use t-moni’s library for most frequently used test scenarios such as login, product details and product listing to get a head start with test automation.

Squarespace-Logo.-Attribute-as-SimpleIcon-from-Flaticon.comApplication Life Cycle Management (ALM)

Connect your existing monitoring tools like HP BSM and SmartBear AlertSite with t-moni to gather in-depth insights and conduct risk analysis.

Map-Point-Pointer.-Attribute-as-Pavel-Kozlov-from-Flaticon.comAdvanced Filtering

Clarify problems through the use of advanced filtering options such as project, platform, test scenario and success/fail percentage on devices.

Computer-Analysis.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comQueue Management

Ensure each and every task is completed while running multiple test scenarios, simultaneously.

Weblinks-Optimization.-Attribute-as-Freepik-from-Flaticon.comSmart Alerts

Get email alerts when pre-defined issues occur and resolve issues before they get visible to users.




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